Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Desktop Review

A few months back, we have the Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z, a 19″ all-in-one PC discovered. We want the A70z a capable, well-made PCs to small businesses to large companies is aligned. But despite the fact that the M90z to companies targeted, we still felt that the A70z could be much more attractive to the consumers and would be very well in educational settings. Sporting a similar signature ThinkPad design, but with a 23″ 1080p display, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z in essentially a big brother to the A70z. It also improves on the A70z with a faster processor, longer standard 3-year onsite warranty, easier expansion and an optional multi-touch display. Our system, which we received as a long-term loan unit came with 4GB of RAM and a 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 processor.


The Lenovo M90z is almost identical to the same signature as A70z ThinkCentre industrial chic sport. One of the small differences in design, in addition to the different physical display sizes, is that the M90z displayed a thin metal layer is below the display. Lenovo develops, the M90z a space-saving and energy efficient. It measures only 2.5 inches deep can the M90z in several business environments are installed. To make things clean and tidy, Lenovo thought everything in this respect – they seized the power of the computer in the M90z The chassis, so you do not have to hide that ugly bulky power supply that so many AIO’s come with concern. But as much as we the fact that the power supply is built-in love, we found that the power chord is way too short. Of course, you can use an extension cable chord, but that kind of annoying when you try to keep clutter is minimal – and that’s probably what you are trying to do in your company if you purchase this machine.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Desktop Review

Built-in Wi-Fi comes standard, and the system is also available with an optional wireless keyboard and mouse are available, so that further reduction of the chords. There is also an optional height-adjustable stand (57Y4351) and a telescopic arm (57Y4352) available to use with the M90z. The system is packaged in a DVD burner on the right side along with a set of mic in and audio-out jacks and two USB ports can be accessed. On the back of the computer are another 4 USB ports. to prevent the chassis also sports a Kensington lock slot to prevent unauthorized persons from opening.

The system is also designed to be easily maintained and expanded. While the A70z did require removing some screws from the hard drive and memory upgrade, the M90z a tool-less chassis for easy upgrade the RAM and hard drive. Overall, the system looks very good and built as tough enough to withstand a good amount of shots – we can not drop it close by your desk, but it has to withstand rigorous use.

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M90z Our model is based on a 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5-650 processor with a Q57 chipset that an “enterprise class” chipset that includes the ability to run the turbo boost. We have the system to be multi-talented and very capable very quickly. Running multiple applications such as Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and Photoshop all at once does not always seem to slow down the machine, even when playing HD video files.

The system received a healthy amount of 7475 Mark and a PC Windows Experience result of 4.2. In 3DMark06, the system earned a score of 1745. That is, it should be able to handle basic graphics-intensive applications, thanks to the on-board Intel HD graphics, and even some casual gaming, but it is still not up to the task, a serious gaming machine – but it is certainly not designed to. configure the system currently does not have an option with a dedicated graphics card. For most business environments, the Intel HD graphics are good enough for their purposes. But without a dedicated graphics card CAD and 3D professionals will really need to look elsewhere.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Desktop Review


Apart from the SimpleTap software, our unit came with Skype, Norton Internet Security, a pre-installed Microsoft Office 2010 trial version. Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools. Corel DVD MovieFactory Lenovo Edition, and Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox software includes tools for rescue and recovery, a Productivity Center and other very useful tools to help “reduce your IT resources impacts” are. The included ThinkVantage System Update and the system keeps stable by providing automatic updates for drivers. But unlike some of the consumer-oriented touchscreen AIO are PCs that come with robust multimedia software packages to the touch screen to congratulate M90z the inclusion of software to take advantage of the system touch screen minimal. It is really up to take companies to take advantage of the system touch screen display with their own software. Customers can also choose to designate the M90z with a software image for large companies to roll-out.


The built-in speakers are on the M90z quite powerful, and they can pretty loud, loud enough to definitely fill your average office. Unfortunately they are missing only 2 Watt speakers and bass really sound body, they also tend to tinny. When playing bass-heavy tracks, it produces static. They also often have some feedback when playing songs in general produced. That is, they want to do the job, and they are its purpose in most business environments, which are probably using it for presentations and are not so very serious view film and multimedia tasks.

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The M90z’s 1080p 16 9 display is capable of very bright, that’s great. It is the color reproduction is solid, and so are its angles. However, it feels like it lacks sharpness a bit, especially when it comes to text. We have tested a M90z with a multi-touch display, it is possible that the non multi-touch display is different in this regard. Overall, the sports system is a solid if not spectacular view.

So for an extra $ 100 you can configure the M90z with a multi-touch capacitive display. The touch screen and the system comes with some basic software, including an on-screen keyboard and Lenovo’s own SimpleTap software to help the multi-touch screen, use more efficient. SimpleTap The software allows to lock the control hardware functions such as volume, mute, camera preview, Sleep mode, microphone and the system. The app stays on top of the screen in the form of a discreet red tab that you use to access these functions on the fly.

Buy Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z at Amazon


Consumers are looking for serious multimedia machine will want to look else where. Sure, you can handle a lot of multimedia M90z processor-intensive tasks like HD video playback, but there are many other more tempting all-in-one machines to consumers are designed, which are more suitable for multimedia. Lenovo itself offers some really slick all-in-one, including the Lenovo A310, which comes with a TV tuner.

That is, transform the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z the potential, the PC environment for business. As an all-in-one PCs began popular, as large as they were, they were still left at the most suitable only for households and consumers. The M90z and A70z change also. These models bring the comfort of the AIO form factor and polish them to the needs of the company match. The M90z is truly a business class machine that is designed so that with the demands of a fast-moving, hard-working company with its powerful processor, robust built-to-last-chassis, easy upgradability/expansion helpful ThinkVantage Tools software and green efficiency. A forthcoming update of the system is even a special ambient light sensing technology that can automatically detect when someone leaves the room and shut down on its own. Overall, the M90z a powerful engine, and a dedicated work horse to stay slim managed. Companies will appreciate that the M90z with a 3-year onsite warranty, which covers Comes things go wrong – including problems with the scoreboard. This means that someone comes to you in the field and replace and parts needed. We wish more companies included safeguards like this! The prices for the M90z starts at $ 860, 2.8GHz processor with and without multi-touch display option.

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