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Buy Fun Games for My Kid

giggles and coos doll

giggles and coos doll

Childhood days are the best days of everyone’s life. Having not to worry about the future and living a stress free days, those days will never come back. There are special memories of our childhood that we never forget. Everyone has those memories. Kids only remember the days when they have the most fun. Kids like playing games. The old days when kids used to gather in the park chasing each other are almost over. There are other means for fun available for the kids of this generation now.

blue's clues arts and crafts

blue’s clues arts and crafts


Having fun does not necessarily mean that it cannot be educational. There are educational fun games available for kids. Now kids can have the time of their life while learning new things. Kids these days are leaning more towards gadgets and other similar stuff. There are visual games that can run on our television, PSP, personal computers, and laptops that can teach kids what teachers teach in school. Smart phones, tablets, iPads, iPhone are packed with educational apps that can be purchased for less than $5 that can teach our kids the lessons crucial to their life.

There are specific companies that are devoted to developing games and toys for kids and kids only. These companies know what interest our kids and what they actually want. Fun games does not need to be fun digital games only. Toys are source of fun that can never be matched by any digital games. A monopoly game is more fun while actually playing it not rolling virtual dices in small digital screens. Toys may not be the best source of education but they are a great source of fun. Companies like HotWheels, Child world, ZizzleS and many more are some of the best toys manufacturers at this current time.

As parents we cannot help but love our child with all our might. We have to provide everything we can for our kids. Fun games for kids can be taught but can also be bought. We can buy our kids the best games to make his childhood better. Small indoor bowling, family and

board games

board games

kids board games, indoor basketball, touch and feel box are just some of the example of funs games that I make my child play. Games are not meant for fun only nor are they meant for education only. Games help our kids grow not only physically but mentally as well. A sharp kid in games tends to show great potential in the future and that is the reason why our kids deserve the best and fun games.

Another source of fun games that I allow my kids to play is their course book itself. The course books contain DVDs and CDs that are filled with interactive and intuitive games. With these visual effects, my kids learn quickly and easily. I love how faces of kids light up when playing these games which makes me happy inside as well. There are violent digital games as well which may require parental control but it is not as issue because age limits are already mentioned on the game packs that we buy from the market.

Toshiba NB505-N508

Toshiba NB500 netbook series are basically built small and portable and are known for their connectivity options. Toshiba is mostly for its industrial design, but the design was first introduced in the comfort NB500 series. The netbooks are reduced in their thickness and also get a fresh finish. Toshiba NB505-N508 comes with the Intel Atom N455 processor. Like most other netbooks, it is loaded with only the Windows 7 Edition (Real). It comes with only a 6-cell battery, which Toshiba claims it can provide about 8.5 hours, but we doubt that the laptop may finally after 4.5 hours as is the case with a 6-cell battery.

Toshiba NB505-N508 has a full-size keyboard, so typing will be easy. Upfront is the 10.1-inch LED backlit display. The netbook is available in a rainbow of colors and with your many options to choose from. There’s no way you go the Netbook slip from your hand if it has the easy grip finish, which is also easy to hit. The arrow keys will be a problem, especially the right arrow button that a cut in the right bottom.

The NB505-N508 is an Intel Atom processor and will be charged with a genuine Windows Starter 7. Not too excited about Windows 7 when a lot of disadvantages, although it is a legitimate version. The processor is complemented by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 and 1 GB of RAM. 250GB storage space available, so your favorite songs and videos beyond limits. The included webcam we guess at a 0.3 MP is more than enough to make video conferencing. The netbook features Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), but there is no built-in Bluetooth.

As a compliment, Toshiba Netbook includes a number of security features including Toshiba Supervisor Password Utility, HDD Recovery, Password Protection and Security Cable lock slot. Some useful software are also included, but it is noteworthy that most of them are just trial.

There are 3 USB ports, two on the right and one on the other side. On the left, at the bottom is the headphone jack, followed by the microphone jack, a USB port, mini-HDMI port, Ethernet port and power jack. With the help of mini-HDMI port, you can now watch the videos stored on the hard drive on a large screen.

We appreciate that Toshiba has some strain to the Home page and to record up / down button taken. The Delete button is present on the upper right corner, we felt a bit small but still happy that it was recorded. It is of course the Chiclet-style keyboard and therefore you can type with ease. Make sure no dust has settled in between the keys then you are going to fight like I. Generally been satisfactory. We are pleased that Toshiba has separate buttons for mouse and we want it performs the same in the future. The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures, two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom, etc. It will further help in browsing Web pages. You can also use those gestures while browsing folders, viewing photos etc.

The system starts in a matter of second, so you do not have to wait to use it. With the Intel Atom N455 processor, multi-tasking easy with the help of 1GB of RAM. Videos play in no time, but does not expect HD video playback. When I tried, I could play a maximum of 360p video, but no more than that. But I do not think pictures load faster than others because there is a time interval for loading photos.

Toshiba only offers a 6-cell battery in which you juice to 4 hours. I must say I was lucky to 8-cell battery, when I was in series NB450 netbook for the same price. With only two more mobile, I’m just amazed that I could drain up to 8 hours on a full battery (watching videos, most of the time). Check out and, if possible, do an upgrade to 8-cell battery. Toshiba offers one year warranty on parts and labor (battery included).